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Terms & Conditions

V.O.F. HIFA (makes business under the commercial name of FROCCELLA.)

Address: Isolatorweg 34 A, 1014 AS, Amsterdam
Registered chamber of commerce: Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce
Registry number: 34134306
Tax number: NL.809162088B01


1. Consumer: is the natural person who made a remote contract and make business commercially with FROCCELLA.

2. Contract: is the contract established between FROCCELLA and consumer in any way.

3. Webshop: is the online shop, WWW.FROCCELLA.COM


4. These general conditions are valid for all proposals and contracts of FROCCELLA. We recommend you to read these general conditions before giving any order in our webshop pages.

5. FROCCELLA may re-arrange these general conditions from time to time. We recommend you to have updated knowledge about any changes by reviewing these general conditions.


6. In order for you to make purchasing in our Webshop pages, you are requested to register and give some information to us. It is required that you give your real name, telephone number, e-mail address, and other required information.

7. If your personal data is changed, you may notify us through e-mail address:

8. These webshops are targeted only for consumers.

9. FROCCELLA reserves the right to give orders with big amount for a product with a customer or e-mail address.

10. You approve that the credit card/bank card you use is yours or you, as the owner, have the right to make credit card/bank card is used.

11. You approve that you authorize us by giving permission to us for authenticating your ID, validity of your credit card and for having the first credit card directive thorough the application you made for buying a product.


12. All prices include 21% VAT and shipment prices are included.

13. The customers who make sales from countries not a member of European Union are obliged to pay import tax. We recommend you to have information about what would be the final purchasing price of your product from the customs office in your location before conducting the purchasing process for the product you want.


14. After you transmit your order, an e-mail stating that the data about your order was delivered will be sent. This e-mail doesn’t mean that the order is approved, it has information that the order is delivered.

15. The obvious mistakes or order mistakes don’t bind FROCCELLA.

16. All your orders you send through our webshop are subjected to the approval of FROCCELLA and to the existence of the related goods.

17. Unless you cancel your order, the approval of the order and completion of the agreement between you and FROCCELLA and shipment of the goods are made when the approval e-mail is send to you.

18. FROCCELLA reserves the right to not approve an order for example if they don’t have the authority to take the payment; if there is a shipment limitation for any product; if the product is not present in the stocks, or the product is not compatible with the valid quality standards, and the product is re-called; or if you breach these conditions.

19. FROCCELLA is not responsible for the losses caused that a product is re-called from sales regardless of it is ordered for this product.


20. Confidentiality statement forms a part of the provisions of this contract. You may find the confidentiality statement at the end of these general conditions or in the “Confidentiality Statement” in the Webshop page.

21. If you are not 18 years old, it is required that your parents or family has information about our confidentiality statement before registering for you to use Webshop.


22. We try to take all kinds of measurements to protect Webshop. All banking transactions securely encrypt the card information in a secure keeping environment by means of the online payment module Ogone. FROCCELLA uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for you to use your shopping experience safely, easily and reliably.


23. For each purchasing, your product is under our warranty from the shipment of a product until its delivery to you. By requesting a signature during delivery, the responsibility is taken over to you for the goods purchased. By assigning a person other than you for delivery (for example as a gift), the signature of the related person (or that address) is the proof of the delivery and the conduct by FROCCELLA and the responsibility mentioned above is taken over.

24. We have the target to deliver all orders within 3-5 days. The predicted delivery times should be considered as directing and starts as from the shipment date. FROCCELLA is not responsible for any delay in the shipment caused by the transactions in the customs office.


25. Customer satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied with the product or if you like to change a good with a different size or color, you may return your order within 14 days as from the date you deliver the goods. And A REFUND IS NOT POSSIBLE. You may forward a mail to address for help related with this.

26. The product you will return should be new, unused and unworn, with the original package, and with all clothing labels. The prices of all goods not correctly returned are made to the purchaser to the credit card / banking card, except taxes, import rights and shipment costs.

27. New and unused means that there is no trace of usage in the product or labels. In such cases the product is returned to the purchaser.

28. You may contact with the person from customer services any time for other questions. You may contact us from the mail address:


29. This Webshop (copyright), the materials (including brands and designs) present are protected. It is not allowed to use the contents of the Webshop (its parts) without the permission of FROCCELLA.


30. In case that there is a breach for conducting of any obligation under the scope of the agreement and/or the general conditions, FROCCELLA is directly responsible for only the damages and only the amount that it is responsible legally and securitized by Lederpaleis related with this situation.

31. FROCCELLA is never responsible for the losses incurred by failures caused by force majeure.

32. FROCCELLA recommends being careful with all packages sent together with your order. Keep them away from children and animals against choking danger. Keep them away from fire too; packages can be inflammable.


33. Only the laws of the Netherlands are valid over this agreement and general conditions.

34. The legal decision to be given about all discrepancies arisen from this agreement and general conditions, the trials of the authorized Amsterdam courts and high courts shall be valid.


35. You may forward all your questions about the general conditions of FROCCELLA to address as e-mail.

36. You may print or record this document by using the standard properties of your internet software or web browser (e.g. “File” and then “Save as” option). Besides you may download the document in PDF format and archive by clicking [here]. You should a the free Adobe Reader ( or similar software supporting PDF format to open the PDF file.