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Privacy Policy


V.O.F. HIFA (makes business under the commercial name of FROCCELLA.)
Address: Isolatorweg 34 A, 1014 AS, Amsterdam
Registered chamber of commerce: Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce
Registry number: 34134306
Tax number: NL.809162088B01


2.1. All information you provide shall be kept confidential by FROCCELLA. Your information shall be used only for the purpose you aim by FROCCELLA. This may be used for informing you about FROCCELLA or for conducting the orders you made in the internet in a fast and easy way. In the other situations FROCCELLA may use this information only after your approval. FROCCELLA may not sell your information to the third parties and share with third parties only for using for making the actions for FROCCELLA or fulfilling the legal requirements.

2.2. We enable the ones who visit our web page for arranging or deleting the wrong or lacking data we have. You may contact with us through the address or telephone number given above.

2.3. Every time you visit our Webshop page, our web servers automatically determines the IP address. The data we keep after your visit made to our web site are:

  • Your e-mail address for the orders/questions you made through Webshop,
  • Your e-mail address if you contact us;
  • The domain name of the other sites you recommend to glance at our site;
  • All information about the pages you visit in our Webshop.

This information are only used for the reasons below:

  • To improve the contents of our web page, and
  • To determine the number of the ones visiting our web site.

2.4. This information is used internally and not transferred to the other institutions for commercial purposes.


3.1. We may use cookies in this site. A cookie is a small text message; recorded in your computer. It contains data about a web page you visit.

Why FROCCELLA uses cookies?

3.2. FROCCELLA uses cookies for ease of use and for increasing the performance of its Webshop. For example you don’t get the same data always for this, it is not necessary to enter the same data again and the data in your shopping basket. That is, the cookies make your surf in Webshop easy.

3.3. Most of the browsers don’t accept cookies or may be set to notify you when you get a cookie. In order not to allow cookies, you may find it in the “Help” part in the toolbar of your web browser. Not accepting the cookies may limit the usage of our site and services.

3.4. We have the security measurements required for losing, unauthorized use of and changing the data we take through our site. In case that we transfer the data to the third parties subjected to the contract, the third parties should take the security measurements below in the scope of the provisions of the agreement: it is the making of a secure connection enabling the mutual sharing of the data.

Purchasing from the internet

3.5. It is required to create a user account before giving the order in the internet. When you create an account in FROCCELLA, your information is kept in a secure database. For a continuous, new order, you don’t need to transfer the information of for example name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, delivery and payment, that are included in your account. All information you deliver us shall only be used for:

  • Conducting your orders in a fast and easy way,
  • Informing you about the situation of your orders,
  • Finalizing your payments and sending your orders.

3.6. You may request your orders from customer services in written.


3.7. This statement of confidentiality may be amended. These amendments shall be announced in this page.


3.8. If you have any question about our statement of confidentiality or usage of cookies, you may contact us with the address and telephone number stated above.