FROCCELLA® the brand

FROCCELLA® was founded in 1989 Paris, France, FROCCELLA® is now located in Amsterdam.

From influences from out the hearts of fashion like Italy, France and the Netherlands with high-end materials and leather is mixed all in to the brand.

These elements are also the base and character of the brand, attention to detail and raw materials, this design philosophy grew and manifested itself through out the years.

FROCCELLA® luxury leathers

The brand FROCCELLA® works with a small team of worlds finest tanners who are chosen carefully to craft there art.

We have a unique tradition and knowledge of producing high quality leather and to guarantee the highest possible quality of our products, we exclusively use leather from leading tanneries in the fashion industry.

Transforming raw hides into a material that will resist throughout time combining modern styles and best fit.

FROCCELLA® winter fashion

The brand FROCCELLA® expanded there collection 5 years after there founding.

Our character of high-end products was implemented in these collections elements such as goose down, racoon, coyote and fox fur are used to fight the strong weather and climates.

FROCCELLA® is the perfect combine between extreme weather and day to day city life.